Minecraft YouTube One Channel Art Template

MineCraft YouTube One Channel Preview Thumb

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The Minecraft YouTube One Channel Art Template is based on the popular video game Minecraft.

The design features terrain and text inspired by Minecraft. Also provided is a link to download the Minecrafter font used in the design. Get creative and add you own Minecraft character and text to personalize your own Minecraft YouTube gaming channel art.

Download the Minecrafter font

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Posted: May 20, 2013 at 11:48 am in YouTube Channel Art Templates by Matt Lamb

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11 comments on “Minecraft YouTube One Channel Art Template

  • Shubham Shah says:


    • Matt Lamb says:

      Uh, okay, but only because you’re so nice about it.
      Seriously, are you trying to make a suggestion or just be insulting?

  • killintaco says:

    these are awsome templates! but how much are these?

    • Matt Lamb says:

      Thanks for the compliment. The templates are all free for the jpeg templates.

      You only need to pay if you want Photoshop Files and/ or use the designs for clients. (That does not apply to the Minecraft, Battlefield or other copyrighted themes because we don’t sell photoshop files of those designs.) They Photoshop templates of the original designs we have are 99 cents each or all twenty something plus new designs for $9.95 membership yearly.

      Hope this answered your question, if not, you can email me at matt@custom-page.com

  • Jahan R says:

    How do you get the words in minecrafter?

  • Jimmy Boy says:

    UGH i cant drag my jpg’s into it
    Do you have a solution

  • dmareon rule says:

    im awesome and a youtuber and minecrafter