Tutorial How To Customize YouTube Channel Art Online

Learn how to customize your own YouTube channel art for free with this cool channel art template

The template and design are on this page: Purple Nebula YouTube Channel Art Template

All you need is a computer. There is nothing to download but you will need to create your free account with custom-page.com and sign in to access the design app.

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12 comments on “Tutorial How To Customize YouTube Channel Art Online

  • alex tkalcec says:

    hey how do you move or resize a text if you have already clicked apply?

    • Matt Lamb says:

      In the basic editor, you can use the arrows in the top right to “go Back” to before you applied the text change. In the advanced editor, you click on the layer with the text and delete it or edit it. Hope that is helpful.

  • Zak Sutton says:

    Doesn’t let me save. Also doesn’t let me apply text, move text, or add images. And if I try to do any of that it glitches out and I can’t leave the option to select a new one.

  • Stephanie Carter says:

    I followed the sample, however, how do I add a graphic from my computer?

  • chris faulkes says:

    What is differance if i buy the advanced editor.

    • Matt Lamb says:

      with the Advanced Editor its more like a Photoshop editor with layered tools to go back and rearrange and edit with more professional tools

  • The_Kips says:

    How do I upload this exactly?
    And when i try to, will the sizing be correct or will it be inaccurate?